Hybrid Backup – the best of both backup worlds!


LAN Speed Backup

Allows multiple backup schedules throughout the day meaning Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is lower, which in turn means less data is likely to be lost.

During a disaster recovery scenario, your recovery is only as good as the time it takes to restore critical functions and data (Recovery Time Objective - RTO) and how recent that data is that’s being restored (RPO). The Recovery Point Objective is all about acceptable levels of data that will not be recovered. So, it is obviously best to keep data backups as recent as possible.

Layered data protection

Backup is performed both locally and to the cloud, providing you with an extra layer of protection for disaster recovery and fast restore from the local storage server.

Non-intrusive cloud backup

The Call IT solutions backup allows connection from multiple desktops, laptops and servers at your location. It de-duplicates the data and sends a copy to the

cloud (or your own secondary site) in an optimised, bandwidth controlled stream that keeps your Internet connection clear.

Comprehensive solution

Protect laptops, desktops and servers at both file- and disk-level ("bare metal")* Windows only - with a single, easy-to-manage solution. Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac platforms supported.

Fast, Tiered recovery

Rapidly restore files or entire disk images fast from the local appliance, and use cloud recovery only in cases where the local backup is inaccessible.

Reduced IT administration overhead

Call IT Solutions' user-friendly software means that end-users can perform

simple operations such as single file recovery and restoring previous versions themselves, with no need to call the IT helpdesk. The IT helpdesk can monitor all devices attached to their estate in one simple storage platform console.

Flexibility of data storage and costs

Allows you to be in control of storage costs and location of your data. You determine what and how much is backed up to the cloud and what is held onsite. Hybrid backup allows businesses to be agile and scale and flex as data volumes and budgets allow.

You can use your existing infrastructure, provision new or speak to Call IT Solutions about providing new kit for you.

Multiple Backup sets

LAN speed allows backup up of all types of data at different times of the day.

For example - Critical LOB (line of business) databases may be backed up every 2 hours and more static data once a day.

End-to-end security

Both our appliances and Agents encrypt all files before they are sent to the cloud using strong AES 256-bit encryption. You choose a secure Encryption key (pass phrase) known only to you to access those files.

Local extended retention policies

Choose to retain more versions of your backups and store your versioned data for longer. The extra storage requirement impacts the size of the disk space being used, not the monthly cost. You can utilise the full benefits of global de- duplication, advanced compression and all that the Call IT Solutions backup technology offers.

Hierarchical storage management (HSM) facility

Choose to retain a full copy of month end backup data (or a specific pre- arranged date). This can be stored separately from the active backups on USB, NAS or tape.

There is no extra monthly cost for retaining HSM data, again you can utilise the full benefits of global de-duplication, advanced compression and all that the Call IT Solutions backup technology offers.

Minimum Onsite Server Specification

* Windows Server - 2008R2
* CPU >2Ghz
* RAM min. 4GB above OS requirements * RAID 5 or better

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