Online Backup v Tape Backup

When assessing the most effective method of protecting your data here’s two important questions to ask yourself —

  • How valuable are your company records and information?
  • What effect, both in terms of cost and time, would a loss of this data have on your business?

We appreciate just how important this information is to your business. As a dedicated provider of backup services to companies across the UK, we are the experts in understanding your requirements.

Tape: prone to failure or complications

Tape backup is an old, traditional way to backup your data. It is a manual process and requires external IT support and maintenance. Tapes are notorious for being easily damaged and all this results in higher risk and cost.

Dramatically increase efficiency & security

Online data backup is an excellent alternative to an out-dated tape solution. It enables you to protect critical data automatically and off site for a simple monthly fee. On demand or on a set schedule, your data is encrypted and sent to our two UK data centres, meaning that in the event of a data loss you can have total peace of mind that your data is fully backed up and quickly recoverable.

To ensure business continuity you will need to consider the following areas and how they are backed up:

  • Email
  • VAT and supplier data
  • Customer data
  • Data protection regulations
  • Legal requirements
  • Regulatory requirement

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