Variabilization of Information Technology

Variabilization Information Technology

Variabilization of IT enables firms to move from a fixed technology cost model to a variable cost model, for greater business agility and competitiveness. Variabilized technology uses tenets like scale, standardization and simplification to drive efficiency, optimize delivery and lower unit costs, giving firms the competitive edge in global markets. It allows firms to use computing infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis, very similar to the way we buy electricity, gas and water.

The variabilization model is in its infancy but is fast becoming a foundational element for growth and capability. When extended beyond the infrastructure layer, I think variabilization could become the 'Next Big Thing' in the technology industry, as it will create the competitive advantage arising from a sharp focus on business agility, risk management and coordination of businesses for value chain.

WIPRO_Variabilization Infographic

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