Can your company survive to a cyber attack ?

Business information are very important for your business and a data loss can cause time and money loss.

A recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses offers some truly worrying statistics. A massive 66 per cent of small businesses have fallen victim to cyber crime, with an average of one attack every 6 months. The annual cost to small businesses totaled £5.26 billion (2014-2015).

This lack of emphasis on cyber security is reflected in the statistics regarding small business’s IT resilience measures:

  • 80 per cent use computer security software – so 20 per cent have no defences at all
  • 61 per cent performed regular backups – so 39 per cent could easily lose all their current data following a single incident
  • Only 20 per cent trained staff in good IT security practices – human error can easily invalidate any technical security measures, no matter how sophisticated
  • Only 5 per cent sourced advice from the Government’s IT security schemes: ‘Cyber Streetwise’ and ‘Get Safe Online’Only 4 per cent had a written contingency plan with concrete action following a cyber attack


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